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With the free plan you can add up to 5 users to your schedule.
Beyond that you'll need one license per user ‐ so e.g. for 10 users, 10 licenses.

License quantites can be upgraded at any time inside the app.



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  • Up to 5 users
  • All features
  • Basic Email Support
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  • Billed monthly
  • All features
  • Premium Support

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  • Billed annually
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Global and Channel schedules? distinguishes between two schedule types, Global and Channel.

    The Global schedule is the same for all users in your organization. The admin can limit who is able to access the schedule e.g. to prevent guests from seeing projects & assignments.

    Channel schedules are only available to users in the channel they are created in.

    Global schedules are useful e.g. for smaller companies where everyone can see everyone elses assignments.
    Channel schedules are useful to plan assignments for a select group of people.

  • How are licenses counted across instances?

    Every user you add to your instance of Zeitplan is counted as a license.
    A user added to multiple instances (i.e. multiple channels and the global instance) is counted only as a single license.

  • Can I create add assignments for a certain time of day? is optimized to give you a quick overview of available capacities within your team in the next weeks and months.
    We believe there are better tools to manage hour-based appointments or recurring schedules like Shifts for Microsoft Teams.

  • What data is being stored?

    We keep data collection to an absolute minimum. As we work with Microsoft Teams Single Sign-On we never need nor receive your password in the first place.

    For users we only store their object ids. Names and email addresses are never stored in our database.
    They are always requested directly from Microsoft Graph on the frontend instead.

    We only store the email address of the person creating the global or a channel schedule for disclosure reasons.

    For organizations we only store their tenant ids to identifiy data (like projects, users and assignments) related to them.

  • Where is my data being stored?

    All data is stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud within the EU region.

  • How can I export my data?

    The option to export all data through the UI is coming soon. If you need right now you can request a full copy of all data through

  • How can I delete my data?

    You can request deletion of all your data through by providing your Tenant Id.
    Since we don't know if and when you remove the app from teams we can't delete the data automatically.

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